09 May

Reasons to Print your Photos

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As a photographer I am ashamed to admit that I don’t print enough photographs of my family or our travels. I am working on changing this and I recently started with a small and easy project. I decided to print and display some of our boy’s photos (see samples below).

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Here are some reasons why printing your photos is important and meaningful:

  1. To better preserve those special memories. Digital photos can be easily lost or damaged, but quality printed photos can last for generations. This is especially true if they are put in a nice album or displayed as wall art. Loosing precious memories can hurt – I once lost all my photos from a 3 month trip in France – I am still sad over this and wish I had at least a few prints from my experiences there. The only photos I have left are a few that I happen to share on social media. I have also learned a hard lesson on how to backup my photos better and make sure this never happens again.
  2. To enjoy them more. There’s something special about holding a printed photo in your hands. It’s a tangible reminder of a special moment in time. Every time I print a photo or create an album (e.g. a wedding album) I see my photographs in a totally different light. I am in awe of how much of a difference it makes from looking at them on screen versus printed. They are especially enjoyable if you print them on a large canvas or framed wall art – you get to enjoy them and be reminded of that special moment every time you pass by them.
  3. To share them with others. Printed photos are a great way to share memories with friends and family. They can make a special and one of a kind gift. Besides printing them (prints, albums, canvases) you can create interesting gifts from them like coffee mugs, photo puzzles (especially fun for the kids), key chains, and etc.
  4. To decorate your home. This goes hand in hand with enjoying your photos more. Printed photos can add a personal touch to your home décor. They can be used to create wall art, coffee table books, or even framed and hung on the walls of your home.

Ask your photographer for help with printing your photos!

Printing our photographs is always something I want to do, but never find the time to do it. I can imagine many others may experience this. It’s a good idea to have your photographer help you out with choosing what to print. They can also help you decide how to display them in your home. It can save you time and put you at ease! It’s important to work with your photographer to get what you want/need from your photographs. This can also be done as you are planning your photo session with your photographer. It’s good to order the wall art and photos through your photographer. They can assure you get what you have imagined and at the best quality. Print your photos and cherish those memories!

Have questions about what to do with your photos or have other ideas? Contact me!

Do you need more reasons why you should print your photos? Read this article by DPS: The Real Reason You Need to Print Your Photos.

10 Nov

7 Reasons why Photo Gift Certificates are a good idea!

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Aren’t quite sure what to get your loved ones for the upcoming holidays, your anniversary or even their birthday? If you want to be unique and surprise them in a way they will always remember, give them the gift of captured memories. This holiday season we are offering gift certificates at the value of $150 for $125! Now, that’s a good deal! Read on to see why a Photo Gift Certificate is a great present idea:

  1.  Experiences are far more memorable than any tangible gift. With a Photo Gift they get they get to have a fun experience and create some memories at the same time. And they will have something they can keep and cherish forever at the end of it. 
  2. They can use their gift in their own time. With photo certificates, they can choose when to book their family photo session or even use it toward un upcoming special event where they may need a photographer. They get to decide when it’s best to use their gift and how they want to use it. Giving any kind of gift voucher offers people more flexibility so that they can be in control of their present.
  3. This can be a gift for the whole family. Buying a family gift is great for Christmas, for example, it can be tough to find small presents for everyone. A larger gift for the whole family can be an excellent alternative. And it’s something that everyone can enjoy, not just the adults. Often when something is meant to be a family gift, it’s not much fun for the kids. Adults, children, and even teenagers can have lots of fun creating their photos.
  4. Help them create family memories. It’s hard to get busy families to do fun things together. Gifts that help to create special memories are the best. A photography session is the perfect excuse to get everyone together and spend some quality time with each other. It’s something that will stay with them for while: There is the experience and the emotions of the day that they can hold onto in their minds and hearts. Then there are the mementos you get to keep in the form of photographs and display at home. Every time someone in the family looks at them, they will be reminded of the fun time they had while creating those photos/memories.
  5. Help them toward a future photography expense. Since we are allowing this gift certificate to be used for any of the services provided by Lenspirations Photography; if you know they have an upcoming event where they will need a photographer (like a wedding, christening, birthday party, etc.), this is a great way of helping them cover that future expense. Keep in mind that even though the certificates are at $150 value you can add more if you wish.
  6. It’s a great gift for the home. How, you may ask? A photo session doesn’t have to be just a gift for one fun day. It leaves your loved with photos to cherish and admire. They can print prints, albums, photo canvases, mugs, collages etc. The possibilities are endless. They can become something lovely to display in the home, from that special place above the fireplace to the hallway. And, of course, they could produce future gifts to give to other people.
  7. Photography gift certificates are a unique gift, ideal for when you’re feeling stuck for ideas. You can bet that no one else has thought of the same thing and that your gift will be remembered forever. It’s not just another cute coffee mug, another pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry, etc. It’s a present that calls for a fun activity and keeps on giving with the resulting photos.

Please contact us to get your Photo Gift Certificate!! 🙂 And have the best and most unique Holiday gift this year! 😉

Read Photo Gift Terms and Conditions

01 Sep

Engagement Party

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Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of capturing some memories for one of the loveliest couple: Megan and Zach. At this engagement party you could see love sparks all around them and the celebration was a blast! A mix of two vibrant and beautiful cultures (Chaldean and Macedonian). It was lot’s of fun from beginning to end, with many different traditions incorporated from both cultures and it was lovely! I was very happy to have been invited to capture this beautiful event for them. 🙂

Props to Essence of Tone for making this an awesome engagement party! 🙂

24 Jun

C&D – Wedding

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Recently I have been photographing more weddings and by far this was one of the most fun and awesome time I’ve had! The day was beautiful the people were great and Carrie and Denis just glowing with goodness and love!

I truly loved working with this family! <3


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13 May

We turn three!

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Christopher turned into a three year old boy and we turned into three year old parents (hence WE turn three)! 🙂 It’s been a roller coaster ride with this little guy.. and I am not a fan of all the rides, but they are all so worth it!

For his 3rd year photo shoot we went to his favorite place: the park and the great outdoors. If we let him, he would live outside! I was surprised to actually get some decent photos of him, because he does not stop moving! Ever!

We also like to make friends at the park and playground! 🙂

Happy Birthday our little guy! May you always be as curious and adventurous throughout your life! <3

29 Apr

Graduation and Senior Pictures

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It’s never to early and it’s never to late to capture this beautiful time in your (or your kids) life! I love working with graduates and seniors.. I love learning about their achievements, dreams and future goals! Each time I photograph a senior I get inspired! Many of the seniors I have photographed have gone one to do better and bigger things.. some went into the medical field, others in law, politics, even fashion. Each time I hear about their new accomplishments I feel joy! 🙂

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    14 Apr

    Sophia’s Sneak Peaks

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    Milestone photos are a great way of capturing the moment! These precious times will never come back, but by taking the time and capturing them you get to look back and remember all the little details and cherish the moment. Sophia just turned 6 months and she did a lovely job on her photoshoot! What a cutie! 🙂

    25 Mar

    Getting serious with photography

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    Today is my first day of officially taking a day to work on my business side of my photography passion. I’ve always done it one way or another but there was never a dedicated day or time for this and I finally decided in order to move forward – decisions must be made. That decision was going part time in my full-time job and taking a day just to focus on my photography. That job has served me well for the past 7+ years and it was past due time to take a step back so I can take a step forward where my heart truly lays. Even though it’s still a part time gig for me as of now I hope to soon make it my full time occupation!

    Looking back I appreciate all the clients that came to me at my early stages of persuading photography professionally. One of my earliest and favorite clients is Ana and her daughter. They came to me after seeing only a few photos I did of a friend and I was so nervous! We went to the park and just tried to have fun and capture some memories..

    One of my first paid shoots <3

    Looking through these photos from my current vision they don’t have the most professional look but they did what matters most and that was capturing the time and happiness in this stage of life!

    The fact that they came back to me many times as their family grew is one of my biggest motivators to keep going – there were times when I wanted to completely give up.. but I am glad I kept going back to photography and I am where I am right now.

    Park/Beach Photo Shoot

    Sometimes a gentle reminder and a push from your clients is all you need to get you back in the game. 🙂

    Gender Reveal

    Simple Christmas/Holiday Shoot

    Working with this family has been such a pleasure! And I just love all the beautiful memories that we have captured together. To me, this is what photography is about – capturing the every day life – because one day the pictures will be the only thing left we have to look back on.

    Going forward I hope to become friends with all my clients that choose me to be their photographer and my main goal will always be to capture every moment in the most beautiful way possible! Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and supported me thus far – you are in my heart!